Open Positions

Working at HYDROSWARM is an incredible opportunity to be part of a company that is on the leading edge of technology.  We are opening doors to exploration of the last frontier - the ocean.  We are looking for people who are wicked smart, hands on, self-motivated, and share our vision for the future of exploration through robotics.  If you want to jump into a startup that is extremely challenging and equally rewarding, shoot us a line.



Mechanical Engineer

(AKA "Submarine Robotics Mastermind")

We need a builder, a roboticist, a creative problem solver that likes to get their hands dirty in and out of the lab.  Experience with Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) design and control preferable.



  • CAD (SolidWorks preferred)
  • Structural Analysis/Mechanical FEA/FEM
  • Experience in designing water tight enclosures
  • Knowledge of control systems is a plus
  • Field experience is a plus ("where did I leave my wetsuit anyhow...")



Electrical Engineer

(AKA "Neptune's Lightning")

This is not your ordinary engineering problem.  We are going into uncharted waters (pun!). Do you have what it takes to make complicated electronics perform at high pressure in saltwater?  Prior work in marine environment preferred though not mandatory. Understanding of underwater environment in relation to the field is needed.



  • PCB Design/CAD
  • Mechanical (SolidWorks preferred)
  • Board layout
  • Circuit simulation (SPICE)
  • Familiarity with different kinds of underwater communication techniques
  • Communication hardware



Computer Science Engineer

(AKA "Underwater Code Breather")

We are looking for a signal processing CS badass.  To make a brain for a deep diving drone, you better have a pretty good one yourself.


  • Signal processing
  • Networking hardware and software
  • Computer vision
  • Data collection and processing
  • Machine learning




To apply (US residents only please), send your resume and statement of interest to

And of course, diving experience is a plus!